Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women's Studies (1979).

Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women's Studies (BBSAWS) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to enhancing women’s status and achieving equality, empowerment, development and the full realization of their human capacity.


The Association also works for the development of a peaceful society that can provide the best quality of life to all its citizens. It uses different approaches of cooperation, integration, and solidarity at the local, national and international levels to realize its purposes.


Hence, it has established membership and networking with other NGOs and ministerial committees, as well as international organizations. It has obtained affiliate status to the United Nations agencies and the related committees.



To encourage and undertake research, programs, and projects to enhance the status of Sudanese women, empower women and contribute to the integration of women in development.



  • Production of integrated materials on female circumcision (FC) workshops and seminars on FC; and training midwives to abolish female circumcision establishing integrated rural women training centers;

  • Educational training and material production on issues of law, human rights, development, peace, and conflict resolution;

  • Research on environment, development issues, female genital mutilation, and violence against women;

  • Regular training program for rural women leaders and printing of a manual for the training of village leaders, training on conflict resolution skills and gender awareness training;

  • Integrated rural women development projects, introducing biogas technology and environment conservation;

  • Revolving fund and income generation among the displaced and the urban poor;

  • Training young women as professionals, in the skills of mass communication, conflict resolution, human rights issues, and GAD

  • Training of rural women’s leaders; and publication of education materials on different issues mainly on legal rights, human rights, and peace.

Ahfad College for Women (1966)


The goal of Ahfad University for Women is to prepare women to assume responsible roles in their families, communities, and in the nation. In keeping with this objective, “the Ahfad experience” embraces a combination of well-articulated academic courses, on-the-job training, individual research, and community extension activities.

This combination of activities is designed to prepare women from all parts of Sudan to become change agents in their families and communities and to assume leadership positions in society.


Some of AUW's academic, specialized programs and units include:

  • The Institute of Women, Gender & Development Studies (IWGDS)

  • The School of Rural Extension, Education and Development (REED)

  • The School of Medicine and School of Human Nutrition

  • The Centre for Science and Technology (ACST)

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