Rural Extension Program

The objectives of the Rural Extension Programs are aimed at exposing and training students to deal with deal with issues of rural life, to help improve the quality of life in rural communities among rural women. This program aims at training young women in the field of development and to prepare them to be agents of social change, well equipped with the essential skills of leadership.


Furthermore, they improve the quality of life in rural communities. Students participate in a variety of activities which all involve community work and mobilization. The spirit of teamwork is promoted among students in areas where integrated work pattern could be achieved.


Finally, students receive training in the preparation of simple educational material and their communication to rural villages. The students and their instructors make field trips to villages in different areas of Sudan for extension work. These field trips are organized in cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations that are active in the areas to be visited, and topics of research to be undertaken are chosen in collaboration with these agencies.

Some of the issues covered in these trips are Female Genital Mutilation and Family planning and Aids Awareness.


Ahfad University has partnered with UNV, UNFPA, and UNDP to address the high rate of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) in Sudan.


The program mobilizes community members, students, and faculty to conduct peer and formal education.


Ahfad's approach to the FGM issue is unique, as it includes males and youth-- groups that have previously been ignored-- in its volunteer and outreach activities.

Program organizers use existing organizations and events to disseminate their message, including in-school sessions, public lectures, open days, theatric events, mobile radio announcements, and sporting events. Community members have also established the NGO Menath, which continues to work with Ahfad faculty, staff, and students to make progress in ending the practice of FGM.

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