Humanitarian Projects in Sudan and South Sudan-Health Awareness Programs for displaced women and children.

SAFE has directly sponsored several humanitarian projects, some were supported by donors who visited Sudan, and who, as a result,        wanted to do something to help displaced persons and other needy persons in Sudan. 


Some of these projects include:

  • Scholarship to Sudanese Universities.

  • Provision of psychological services to women in camps for displaced persons. 

  • A micro-enterprise project to provide water delivery in several camps near Khartoum for displaced persons.

  • Repair pumps and reconstruction of water lines to bring water to the Sabah Children's Hospital in Juba.

Health Awareness Campaign for displaced women and children
Health Awareness Campaign for displaced women dancing to songs about peace
Displaced women working to build a shelter
Income generating activities for displaced women
Breast cancer awareness programs
Medical students
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Babiker Badri (Scientific Association for Women’s Studies) Sudan

Babiker Badri works to empower Sudanese women, promoting greater equality and participation in community life. It also challenges the practice of female genital mutilation, encourages women to act as advocates for gender equality and helps women pursue income-generating activities. Enjoying a particularly good reputation as the oldest women’s training association in Sudan, Babiker Badari operates throughout the country.

Actors for Peace

Babiker Badri wanted to raise awareness and understanding of the terms of Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). They commissioned writers to dramatise the treaty and approached famous actors to perform it on tour between March and December 2007. Babiker Badari felt that women and young people had a particularly limited awareness of the CPA and were therefore being excluded from the peace process. Further, they felt that simply lecturing people about the agreement at public meetings left them bored and none the wiser. The project therefore aimed to convey relevant information about the CPA directly and effectively.

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