• Haneen Abdelhalim

Ahfad University

The Ahfad University for Women prepares women to assume responsible roles in their families, communities, and in the nation. In keeping with this objective, the ‘Ahfad experience’ embraces a combination of academic courses, on-the-job training, individual research, and community extension activities. This combination of activities is designed to prepare women from all parts of Sudan to become change agents and assume leadership positions.

Ahfad University for Women was founded in 1966 by Yusuf Badri, and it was granted full university status in 1995 by the Sudan National Council for Higher Education due to its expansion of curriculum and student body. Currently, it is one the oldest and largest private universities in Sudan while being widely recognized in the African continent for championing women’s rights.

Ahfad university is emulating universities in the developed world in order to achieve his goals of developing graduate schools and advancing infrastructure. The university has produced graduates that play significant roles in enriching society some of whom have become governmental ministers in Sudan, Comoros, and South Sudan.

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