AUW as SAFE’s Continuing Partner 

From the beginning of SAFE's operations, The Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman, Sudan, has provided a unique set of services critical to the success of the work of SAFE. AUW staff, working on behalf of SAFE, obtained information about the needs of Sudanese colleges and universities and supplied this information to SAFE.


The combined set of needs, as established by Sudanese librarians and faculty, is used as a guide for the acquisition educational material AUW continues to represent SAFE in Sudan. In this capacity, AUW receives each shipment, arranges for customs clearance at Port Sudan and for the transport of the shipments from there to Omdurman, unpacks the hundreds of boxes that make up each shipment, organizes Exhibitions--and manages the annual Book Exhibitions. AUW also provides SAFE with reports of the responses of libraries to what is offered at the Book Exhibitions and offers suggestions for acquisition of new materials.


 As a special feature of its acquisitions program, SAFE allows donors to designate a specific library to which the books should be delivered. For example 1,400 books were designated to Sennar University; from Michigan State University approximately 2,500 books were for delivery to Khartoum University; donors also sent elementary school books in care of the Sudan EIObied Fund.

Delivering of Educational Material from Port Sudan
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Delivering of Educational Material from Port Sudan